Best Ballet Lessons


Anne! I can say from us all that we appreciate all that you've done for us! You never gave up and always had more for us than we ever could have imagined! I really feel so special to have been apart of it all and to be one of your students! None of us could ever forget The Dublin School Of Classical and Contemporary Dance! All that you've shared with us in that studio, I'll take with me all through my life! ( and hopefully to london! ) Believe me we're still dancing and your beautiful port de bras are living on in us all!! So happy to hear that you're enjoying France! Aoife

Nadine Hogan – 19.11.2010

It (Ballet) is such an amazing discipline and I think my years of training with you have influenced other areas of my life and made me a more focused and determined person overall.

Thank you so much! I'm so happy you have a facebook so we can stay in touch. This summer I'm taking classes at Sarasota Ballet and I'm also going up to Connecticut to my old studio and doing their summer intensive. Thanks again for everything you taught me this summer. You're an amazing teacher and I hope I get to see you again!  Sarah

Jenny Wright Coffey Thank you so much for your encouragement. Sarah (my daughter) enjoyed her time with you. She is dancing half days at Sarasota Ballet school for a couple of weeks.

Thank you so much for everything Mrs. Campbell-Crawford! Your teaching was a really great experience for me and I loved every moment of your class. I hope that you will be there next year!  Allison

Im really glad I got to share the experience of working with you. It made me so happy!  Amanda


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